Ruby’s 7th Birthday Party!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing my yoga friend Beth’s daughter’s 7th birthday party. Ruby had a Little Mermaid themed party that was full of pizza, lots of laughs and even more kids! This was a ton of fun to capture because I felt like I also got a workout chasing these kids around all morning! I love that there was a lot of different age groups there + that it was close to Halloween so lots of kiddies were in adorable costumes. :) Check out Ruby’s day below!

Happy Wednesday! :)rubys7th_0001rubys7th_0002rubys7th_0003No party is complete without an appearance by the family guinea pig, Bill! rubys7th_0004rubys7th_0005rubys7th_0006rubys7th_0007rubys7th_0008rubys7th_0009rubys7th_0010rubys7th_0011 Best dad ever!rubys7th_0012rubys7th_0013rubys7th_0014rubys7th_0015rubys7th_0016rubys7th_0017This little girl was such a ham. Future model?? rubys7th_0018rubys7th_0019rubys7th_0020rubys7th_0021 I die…rubys7th_0022rubys7th_0023rubys7th_0024rubys7th_0025rubys7th_0026rubys7th_0027rubys7th_0028HA HA HA rubys7th_0029 This is when I thought it would be a good idea to do a “fun family portrait” of mom, dad and Ruby. Yeah, she wasn’t having any of that! haharubys7th_0030And we must finish off with this insanely adorable little girl who HAD to show us her downward facing dog. Yay for babies and yoga! :)  rubys7th_0032