Matt + Suzie – Rio Mar, PR Wedding

Matt and Suzie are really good friends of mine so when they invited me to their Puerto Rico wedding and then asked me to photograph it for them I was honored. They met while in grad school at the University of Florida, dated for awhile {including long distance when Matt moved to DC} and made it official in December at a beautiful sunrise ceremony {love!} in Rio Mar, PR. Spoiler alert: It was gorgeous.

What I love most about these two is how laid back and in love with each other they are. They wanted a simple, intimate ceremony on the beach followed by a brunch with close friends and it was beautiful. Everything was so natural and exactly their style. One of the awesome perks of getting married in Puerto Rico was that right after the brunch we all changed into our bathing suits and lounged the beach. Best wedding ever.

Congrats you two. I’m so happy for you! :)

Happy Wednesday!   puertoricowedding_0001puertoricowedding_0002puertoricowedding_0003puertoricowedding_0005puertoricowedding_0006puertoricowedding_0007puertoricowedding_0008puertoricowedding_0009puertoricowedding_0010puertoricowedding_0011puertoricowedding_0013puertoricowedding_0014puertoricowedding_0015puertoricowedding_0016puertoricowedding_0017 All wedding guests should do this with the bride and groom please…puertoricowedding_0018puertoricowedding_0019puertoricowedding_0020puertoricowedding_0021puertoricowedding_0022puertoricowedding_0023puertoricowedding_0025puertoricowedding_0026 On one side of the beach there was a rainbow and the other side a stom was brewing. puertoricowedding_0027puertoricowedding_0028puertoricowedding_0029 What wedding is complete without some stray yoga dogs? :) puertoricowedding_0030puertoricowedding_0032puertoricowedding_0034puertoricowedding_0035puertoricowedding_0036puertoricowedding_0037puertoricowedding_0039puertoricowedding_0040puertoricowedding_0041puertoricowedding_0042puertoricowedding_0043puertoricowedding_0044puertoricowedding_0045puertoricowedding_0049puertoricowedding_0050puertoricowedding_0051puertoricowedding_0052puertoricowedding_0053puertoricowedding_0054puertoricowedding_0055puertoricowedding_0056puertoricowedding_0057puertoricowedding_0059puertoricowedding_0060puertoricowedding_0061puertoricowedding_0062puertoricowedding_0063 Meet Brian: the most hilarious wedding guest ever.puertoricowedding_0064puertoricowedding_0065puertoricowedding_0066puertoricowedding_0047puertoricowedding_0069

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