Marriaine and Caleb: Vintage Inspired Portraits

My husband and I have known Marriaine and Caleb for about four years now. Funny enough, our precious dog Potter played the largest part in creating the friendship!

One night Caleb set up a tent in our shared yard to test it out for an upcoming camping trip. Potter wasn’t sure to make of the enterprise and did a little barkin’. My husband went to check out the commotion and instantly knew he’d found a fellow backpacker and kindred spirit. It was a very dark night, and Caleb and my husband never actually saw each other, but just talked, voice to voice, their conversation ranging from hiking and camping to a mutual love for science fiction… and even found out that they were born less than a week apart.

I met Marriaine under similar circumstances, in the dark by the wonderful sound of Potter’s loud bark. She was Caleb’s girlfriend at the time and of course came by often to see him. Potter always seemed to start to bark as soon as she walked up the stairs (just loud enough to scare the crap out of her). One night I went out there to see what was going on and we got to talking.

Even though they are no longer our neighbors, we are still great friends. We were so happy to see them married in June (congrats!) and I couldn’t think of better models for my first couples photo shoot.

Marriaine is very fashionable and loves vintage style. We decided on locations that celebrated the DC lifestyle, with a little “Mad Men” thrown in for good measure! Three locations, a metro ride AND a cab later, we’d finished our shoot! No thanks to August and the oppressive heat and humidity, of course… but they were troopers, true professionals! And gorgeous, too!

Happy Monday! :)