Jennifer, Sofie and Caitlin – Yoga!

A few weeks ago I got the chance to meet up with Jennifer from Fit Mom Yoga to snap some photos of her and her adorable girls. Jennifer is a beloved Tranquil Space teacher who recently moved to PA and is dearly missed in DC. I was so excited when she contacted me to do some photos because her yoga practice is amazing and she is a beautiful person and teacher.

Jennifer still comes to town to lead workshops and trainings in the area so we found an afternoon to meet up and play. We of course picked a night where a giant monsoon moved through so we had to finish up the shoot the next morning. That’s okay though because I discovered that pre-hurricane light is the best.

Anyway, meet Jennifer and her gorgeous girls Sofie and Caitlin. The girls have great little personalities and you can see from the photos that they {sometimes} love their photo taken. :)

Check out Jennifer’s blog and if you live in her area of PA go to her classes at Willow Tree Yoga {or catch one of her DC trainings}. You will be a better person for it.

Happy Wednesday!