Kelsey, Alli, Beth and Charlotte: Yoga Queens!

These ladies are the best. This is another teacher training friend group that is going on to do great things! They each rotate teaching the Sunday night yoga class at The Bike Rack DC.  Here are some of their other amazing activities:

  • Kelsey writes a cool yoga blog and teaches a class in Ballston on Thursday nights.
  • Alli just started her 200 hr teacher training at Tranquil Space and also teaches in Ballston on Thursday nights.
  • Beth is a mom to a sweet {almost} 7 year old and teaches yoga to her neighbors in Falls Church.
  • We already know how sweet Charlotte is from this post but just as a refresher she works at a local non-profit and leads yoga charity sessions for members.

So yeah, these ladies rock. They also needed some yoga pics to show off their skills. We had a fun time exploring some cool places in Georgetown and I think they turned out pretty well.

Happy Wednesday! :)tt1yogagroup_0001tt1yogagroup_0002tt1yogagroup_0003tt1yogagroup_0004tt1yogagroup_0005tt1yogagroup_0006tt1yogagroup_0007tt1yogagroup_0008tt1yogagroup_0009tt1yogagroup_0010tt1yogagroup_0011tt1yogagroup_0012tt1yogagroup_0013tt1yogagroup_0015tt1yogagroup_0016tt1yogagroup_0017tt1yogagroup_0018tt1yogagroup_0019tt1yogagroup_0020tt1yogagroup_0021tt1yogagroup_0022tt1yogagroup_0023tt1yogagroup_0024tt1yogagroup_0025tt1yogagroup_0026tt1yogagroup_0027tt1yogagroup_0028tt1yogagroup_0029tt1yogagroup_0030tt1yogagroup_0031tt1yogagroup_0032tt1yogagroup_0033