Monticello Park Birding

My work buddy Tom is an avid birder. He is super impressive and tracks the migratory patterns of birds in the area and reports them to Cornell University each Spring. This is his main passion {and you all know how much I love to see people doing what they love} so when he asked me to take some shots of him “in action” I was happy to do so!

His favorite spot in the area to bird is Monticello Park in Alexandria. It’s a small little park but apparently has some of the best bird watching in the area. A friend of Tom’s recently wrote an article on the park and featured Tom and his birding skills. Since he needed a photo for the article, I agreed to do a little mini shoot at the park on a cold morning last month. I love doing “lifestyle” shoots and I think this one really captures Tom in his favorite element.

Happy Wednesday! :)tombirding6tombirding_1tombirding_2tombirding3tombirding4tombirding5