Stepping Out

mfashion_0001One of my goals this year {and always} is to continue to have the willingness to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. I got my first opportunity of 2014 for this over the weekend when my good {and super stylish} friend Marriaine asked me to shoot some fashion photos for her new lifestyle blog, Method & Merry. I of course jumped all over this because Marriaine is super sweet and photographs so beautifully {remember her from the her vintage inspired portraits last summer} but also because I knew it was going to be a fun challenge.

I am not that into fashion. I have tried over the years to care and stay current but I somehow always just come back to my favorite jeans and t-shirts. Just not my thing I guess. Because of this I also don’t read that many fashion blogs. The ones I do read are mainly because I think the photography is beautiful. Go figure.

But, I do love styled editorial photography and am a sucker for a pretty girl in gorgeous light so this was a fun little exercise for me {and Marriaine – I hope!}. Plus, M has amazing clothes and accessories so it was super fun to watch her do her thang. We spent an hour or so strolling around my neighborhood laughing, shooting, narrowly avoiding icy falls in stilettos and and almost getting hit by cars. In other words, it was a blast. I learned that fashion blogging photography is almost just like most of the other stuff I do and there are a lot of wonderful little photo spots right in my Arlington hood.

It was refreshing to try something new and keep myself shooting during a normally slow, cold and dark few months for a natural light photographer. I may just make it a regular thing. :)

Stay tuned for the rest of the looks Marriaine modeled soon!

Happy Monday! :)