Biking the Bridge


San Francisco is a truly beautiful city. It is even more amazing to explore by bike. On our first day we rented a couple hybrids and set off on a super fun, hilly adventure through Fisherman’s Wharf, Fort Point and the Presidio!  To say that I am a little bit obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge may be an understatement. :)  I really like photographing beautiful vistas and the ‘City By the Bay’ offers no shortage of those. Here’s a few shots of the things we encountered on our ride.    

Oh, yeah. New Rule: If you’re going to wear a hoodie while biking because the city you are in has about 500 micro-climates and the temperature can shift 20 degrees every quarter mile, please wear sunscreen on your hands. Don’t end up like me or you will look like a circus freak at first and then a molting lizard later on. #somanyregretsIMG_7980