Hearst Castle


If you ever find yourself driving the central California coast make time to visit the Hearst Castle! This is a fabulous castle previously owned by rich newspaper man William Randolph Hearst from about 1920 to 1950. It’s perched about five miles up on a hill overlooking the ocean and has endless views of the almost completely undeveloped coastline.

This place is designed to look like it is located in Europe as most of the decorations and building materials were brought over from there. It is definitely an example of American opulence during the time but pretty interesting because of all the Hollywood elites and US Presidents that were entertained here. Dude also has three giant pools. One is indoors (and Roman themed) and I can only imagine the skeazy things that occurred in there.

I never knew this was here and was so glad we took a couple hours to explore it. Plus, on the bus ride up the hill you get to learn about Hearst and his castle from an audio recording narrated by the one and only Alex Trabek. It doesn’t get more exciting than that, people. #onlyincali

Happy Thursday!