{Weekday Getaway} Aran Islands + Cliffs of Moher

Oh, this was one of my favorite days in Ireland!! As promised last week, I said I would share the photos I took on our ferry ride to the Aran Island Inis Oirr and the Cliffs of Moher. If you ever find yourself in Western Ireland with a day to spare, def take a ferry to the Arans and Cliffs. It was so much fun, remote and we still had time to spare to do other things with our afternoon.

We used the O’Brien Ferry line and I can not recommend them enough! One of my yoga buddies {shout out Alyson!} knows the owner Erin and she was awesome to work with to set up the tour. The boats are clean, safe, fast and a lot of fun. Def check them out if you are ever in Doolin.

Inis Oirr was so lovely. It is a very small island {you can walk the whole thing in a few hours} and we saw cows, sheep, ancient roads, a castle and even a shipwreck! There’s something for everyone! ha.. The Cliffs Tour was also great, even if the boat was full of German tourists who almost tipped it over every time they saw something interesting on the side. :)

Anyway, take a vacay soon! I rec Ireland!

Happy Thursday!