{Weekday Getaway} Blarney!

Blarney!! Although this is a SUPER touristy spot in Ireland it was one of my favs. The Blarney Castle has a large walking trail and gorgeous gardens around it that we spent far more time in than the actual castle. We did kiss the Blarney stone {kinda dumb!} but I would have felt weird if we went all that way and didn’t.

I called this the “Disneyland of Ireland” mainly because there were so many people going for the stone. But once we got away from the castle and walked around no one was there! Most people only care about checking things off their list and not exploring. They should try more wandering. It’s fun. :)

Happy Thursday!


A Blarney bee!


So green!


A random tourist kissing the stone…


And finally, the husband posing {so creepily} in front of the castle’s MURDER HOLE. You’re welcome.