Weekday Getaway: Camping Askja, Iceland

One of the more exciting adventures on our trip to Iceland last August was camping in the {very remote} Askja region.

To get there we drove our {third!} rental “Jeep” off the main road for miles through some seriously bumpy off-road terrain, forded glacial rivers, got stuck in a glacial river, was assisted by friendly German tourists in their underwear, towed out of river by a busload of Italian tourists, photographed and laughed at by Italians, laughed, cried, screamed and laughed more.

That’s all before we even got to the campsite.

Once we got there we were beat. We set up camp, ate dinner and settled into the tent for the night. And then we realized that one of the sleeping pads was missing. We searched everywhere. There isn’t many places this could go in the middle of a deserted mountain range that was once used for apollo lunar training!

After fifteen minutes of intense searching we both just looked at each other and realized where we were. We were sitting in one of the most desolate, beautiful places in the whole world and were acting like lunatics searching for an inflatable pad! We stopped searching and just looked out over the horizon. Nothing but pink sky and endless terrain.

Amazing. It was almost midnight and the sun hadn’t set.

It never did.

This view made me realize how wonderfully exciting and beautiful life is. As challenging and stressful as our world seems sometimes, it is still full of such inspiration and peace. When I think back on our excursion to Askja, I laugh about the insanity we encountered but appreciate the lesson that it taught me more. No matter what, stop and enjoy each moment as they come. Don’t lose sight of what is right in front of you. You may be surprised at how beautiful that view really is.

In case you are wondering, we found the sleeping pad in the morning underneath a seat in the car. :)

Happy Thursday!