{Weekday Getaway} Chichen Itza

So I have a funny story to tell.

It has nothing to do with Chichen Itza.

Last night I taught my first paid yoga class! Wahoo… The class went well but as I was leaving the gym and locking the door, my key broke in half in the lock. Of course it did. It was also raining and dark and I had no other key {clearly}. I did manage get the other half out of the lock – a win! Luckily, a sweet woman from class waited with me until the gym’s cleaning crew came with a backup key for the door. This is my life.

I’m telling this story just to illustrate the point that yoga {and life} isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, people. Sometimes you get stuck outside at 9:30pm in the rain on your first day of whatever with a broken key. Or maybe that’s just me because I attract insanity? Either way, this is a great reminder to just breathe. The cleaning crew will always be on their way.

Now, check out these photos from Chichen Itza in Mexico. We visited here almost two years ago and it is one of my fav places. So magical! I didn’t break anything on this trip but still managed to create lovely memories. :)

Happy Thursday!