{Weekday Getaway} Dublin

Our first stop in Ireland was Dublin. We arrived late morning, picked up our car, drove on the left side of the road to our hotel, checked in and then promptly wanted to pass out from jet lag. To avoid a day-long nap we did a little walking tour of the city’s main sites.

Dublin wasn’t my favorite spot in Ireland. It’s like any other medium-large city – crowded, kind of dirty and loud – but it has charm and if you look close enough you will find it. We only spent one day here and that was more than enough to see what I wanted to see. And no, I didn’t tour the Guinness factory. :)

Most of the these photos were taken on Grafton Street – the main shopping area in the older part of the city. There are a ton of vendors, artists and people mulling about at all hours. People watching is my fav.

I’ll be sharing the rest of our adventures {I promise they get much greener and “castle-y” very quickly!} over the next few weeks. I hope you don’t get sick of pretty things.

Happy Thursday!