{Weekday Getaway} Gravity Rocks!

My dear Mary Catherine Starr shared some beautiful gravity defying rock photos yesterday created by a very talented artist. I was super inspired by these formations and the photos because the artist created them all himself. The photos are astounding and the process is so meditative, beautiful and very zen.

Late yesterday I was thinking about these photos and remembered that I came across a similar field of rock structures in Iceland a few years ago. I didn’t get that many photos of them and I certainly take no credit for being part of the stacking process, but they are interesting nonetheless. I don’t remember where we saw these {pretty close to Reykjavik – on the drive to Geysir} but I do remember being pretty amazed by them. There was a giant field of them, created from rocks of old volcanic flow, overlooking an almost endless scene of green mountains and lush grass. I imagine people have been coming to this spot for thousands of years and stacking these rocks. Ahhh. Love it! The ones I took photos of are strangely phallic {why was I so interested in these stacks???} but it is all I got. Michael Grab, if you are reading, head to Iceland, create some more art and do these rocks some justice with your camera! :)

Happy Thursday!icelandrocks_0001icelandrocks_0002