{Weekday Getaway} Great Falls Snow

I snapped these photos on January 30, 2013 at Great Falls National Park in MD and considering that the park probably looks exactly like this today on January 30, 2014 from our #polarvortex winter, I think they are appropriate to share.

I really love photographing people in crazy yoga poses and on the best day of their lives, but I also truly enjoy a beautiful landscape. Especially those covered in a fresh blanket of pretty snow. Winter can be really annoying sometimes {hello 10 degrees and scraping ice off my car this am!} but it is also very pretty. There is something so serene about rapid falls frozen in place, silently waiting for Spring. It is about this time during winter that I am longing for April flowers but as I’ve said before, each season offers its own unique beauty. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate it.

Happy Thursday! :)greatfallssnow_0001greatfallssnow_0002greatfallssnow_0003Snow puppies are the best kind! :)  greatfallssnow_0004greatfallssnow_0005greatfallssnow_0006 Action shot with the best assistant in town!greatfallssnow_0007