Weekday Getaway: Iceland Lava Fields

Last July, my husband and I went to Iceland, rented a totally busted “Jeep” (that broke down three times) and drove around the entire country in about 10 days. It was amazing and offered some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever seen. Iceland is one of those places where you can be in a wet, foggy area by the sea in the morning and in a dry, rocky moon-like atmosphere, surrounded by nothing but mountains and desolation by afternoon. It is so out of this world spectacular that everyone should visit at least once. There’s not many places left in the world with such abundant natural resources and beauty.

I plan to eventually share all of our adventures but I’d like to start this week by showcasing some shots from one of my favorite things that we did. Well, pretty much everything was my favorite but you gotta start somewhere. Early in the trip we visited the Lake Myvatn area and within that there is an incredible volcano called Krafla. I used to have this strange fascination with rocks when I was a kid (hello, rock collection!) and ever since have really loved geological wonders. Krafla first erupted in the 1700s and most recently in 1984, leaving a large area of lava flow that is still visible. Because of all this the earth’s crust in this area is super thin and the ground is still really hot in places. There are a lot of bubbling mud pits and steaming mountain sides with amazing color. I also love that most of this country is powered geo thermally, mainly from this region.

Happy Thursday!