{Weekday Getaway} Iceland Sheep

One of the many amazing things about driving the entire country of Iceland was the almost complete desolation on the road, except for sheep. They. Are. Everywhere. They love to hang out right on the side of the road and bask under these amazing mountains and vistas. Oh, and if you’re lucky they’ll stop and stare at you all creepy-like if you slow down next to them. Don’t worry though, they’ll scurry off real quick into the fields, bouncing their cute little sheep butts all the way out of sight. Yeah, sheep butts are the best. :) If you ever find yourself driving the Ring Road in Iceland, watch out for sheep {and their butts).

Happy Thursday!icelandsheep_0001 See, sheep butt = love. :)icelandsheep_0002icelandsheep_0003