{Weekday Getaway} Père Lachaise Cemetery

This probably makes me creepy, but I love walking around old cemeteries. There is something so peaceful and beautiful about them. So obviously when I was in Paris a few years ago I knew that the Pere Lachaise Cemetery would be at the top of my list. Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried here but the cemetery has many other really interesting things to explore. It is so old, stretches for miles and is still so beautiful. It is just so Paris. I think we wondered around here for almost 3 hours and it still wasn’t enough. Check out some of my sightings below.

Happy Thursday! :)PèreLachaiseCemetery_0001PèreLachaiseCemetery_0002PèreLachaiseCemetery_0003PèreLachaiseCemetery_0004PèreLachaiseCemetery_0005PèreLachaiseCemetery_0006PèreLachaiseCemetery_0007