Weekday Getaway: Powerscourt Estate Gardens

Yes, I still have photos from Ireland. Way to stretch things out, Andrea. It’s fun to go through these and edit them six months later. I get to relive the fun times!

These photos were taken in the Powerscourt Estate Gardens in Wicklow. This is one of the first things we did in Ireland and was a pretty spot to kick off our trip. Flowers, old stuff and a pet cemetery def make good subjects! :)

Happy Thursday! powerscourtestateireland_0001 powerscourtestateireland_0015powerscourtestateireland_0003powerscourtestateireland_0004powerscourtestateireland_0005powerscourtestateireland_0006powerscourtestateireland_0007powerscourtestateireland_0008powerscourtestateireland_0009 powerscourtestateireland_0016powerscourtestateireland_0011powerscourtestateireland_0012powerscourtestateireland_0013powerscourtestateireland_0014