{Weekday Getaway} Sacred Llamas

Do you know what the cutest thing ever is? Llamas! They are fluffy and have awesome teeth. Enough said.

When we went to Peru a few years ago we spent an afternoon touring the Sacred Valley. At one of our pit stops we encountered a boy and his dad herding some llamas. I do believe they were charging people to pet them {which is pretty common there} so it wasn’t all that National Geographic but I liked hanging with them for a few minutes anyway. The picture of the boy catching a quick break is one of my favs from this trip. I love his concentration and fabulous Peruvian threads. It really reminds me of what it was like to explore that area. If you ever get a chance to visit Peru definitely take some time and see the Sacred Valley and the llamas that roam about it. It is all pretty amazing.

Happy Thursday! :)   sacredllamas_0001sacredllamas_0002 Isn’t the Sacred Valley amazing?sacredllamas_0003