{Weekday Getaway} Sugarloaf Mountain, MD

Last Saturday the hubs, puppy and I headed out to a {new to us} hiking spot in Maryland called Sugarloaf Mountain. Since it was my first Saturday free of the yoga chains, I knew I wanted to be outside in the sunshine. But such is life, there was not much sun and I ended up getting an allergic reaction to something. I would say my “ginger-itis, day-walker” status cased the latter, but who knows. Apparently I’m just allergic to the good life.

Despite the odds, we still had a grand time and I snapped a few pictures of our sights. When I hike I like to photograph the world as I see it, which is sometimes from weird angles and not of anything interesting to anyone but me. I like my world.

If you live in DC and are looking for a fun hike on the Maryland side of the house, check out Sugarloaf. There is a winery at the bottom too if you’d rather drink than exercise or drink after you exercise or just sit outside and not get allergies. :)

Happy Thursday!

sugarloafmountainhike_0001sugarloafmountainhike_0002sugarloafmountainhike_0003sugarloafmountainhike_0004sugarloafmountainhike_0005sugarloafmountainhike_0006sugarloafmountainhike_0007 And this is right after I got stuck in the mud. With one foot.