Weekday Getaway: The Blue Door, Santorini

I am starting a regular series here called “Weekday Getaway” that will feature photographs from places I have been and the stories behind them. Traveling is one of the most important things in my life and what I spend most of my money on. I went on my first international trip to Costa Rica with my boyfriend (now husband) in 2007 and haven’t stopped exploring since. Until I started this blog, I almost always just post a few photos to a Facebook album and then never look at them again. I want to use this series as a fun way to relive some of the memories we have made over the years and to inspire new travel ideas. I am also hoping that it will help me grow as a photographer since I will be forced to look back over old work and learn from what I created along the way.

With that said, this week we will visit one of my favorite places ever… Santorini, Greece!

The first time I discovered that I love taking pictures was on my Honeymoon in Greece in 2009.  I was instantly inspired by all the beautiful colors and landscapes and began snapping away like it was my job. I had no technical skills or a fancy camera but I had so much fun capturing every minute of that trip.

In Santorini, we stayed in this awesome cave house hotel called the Defini Villas.  This place had views for miles of the deep blue caldera and was so private it felt like we were the only ones on the cliff side.  Outside our house was a blue door that appeared like it was an entrance to the sea. I think I took at least 20 photos of it but always really loved the one above on the left the best.  The picture is certainly not the most technically correct or the best composed but it reminds me of the amazing evenings spent with my new husband on that island.

A few years later for Valentines Day my husband surprised me by drawing his version of my blue door photo (shown above to the right).  He digitally sketched the photo and then used a digital watercolor to paint in the colors.  He loves doing art projects for me and wanted to create something that was meaningful for both of us. I was so surprised when he did this and could not believe all the time and effort he put into it. I love his drawing so much that it is hanging in our home and in my office at work.

This drawing has become a huge part of my life.  Every time I look at it I remember the happiness, love and excitement that I felt when I first took the picture.  It is a constant source of inspiration and a reminder that I live in a big beautiful world that is just waiting for me to explore it.